Bag of Bones is featuring Heinz and his ORION’s SHADOW.

Born in Austria, Heinz grew up with a love for music. Encouraged by his teacher, and his parents, he soon started to learn the basics of music theory on an organ.

When the digital age broke, Heinz learned the basics of computer-based music. And from that point on there was no going back.

After moving to Canada, Heinz took a course in Recording Engineering and Music Production with the AUDIO INSTITUTE OF AMERICA in San Francisco and took the final exam to obtain his diploma in this area. Many other, less spectacular courses followed and he soon got his feet firmly grounded as a home recording artist and sound engineer.

It was in the mid-2000’s when he got acquainted with Davis Barnes and his Wife Leona. The three of them created BLUE SAHARA in 2007 and a year later they were happy to produce their first album ‘Through Dreams To Reality’.

Years later Heinz needed to re-focus. He felt his songwriting needed to reflect his inner self, his emotions and his personality.
Thus, ORION’s SHADOW – his new project – was born in 2018.

By that time, Heinz ‘met’ Kjell online and the two of them soon embarked on a wonderful journey; participating on each other’s musical creations.