Rocking in the Free World – Neil Young cover

«I wanted to create the feeling of a live studio recording, even though I played all instruments myself»

“Nice interpretation, haven’t heard it like this before. Like this it could have been an old Rolling Stones Version” – Urs Ruf

I imagine a bunch of musicians and friends meeting up in a studio and just starting to play a song, Rocking in the Free World, a reflection of all strange things happening around our globe. Polution, starvation and crazy presidents.

All instruments and vocals by: Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig.
Arrangement, production and mixing by: Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig.
Mastering: Landr
Lyrics: Neil Young, Frank Sampedro

“One of the best covers I’ve heard and I’ve been around for a couple days. LOL. The irony of the pandemic and self isolation is the planet hasn’t been this healthy in a very long time. Something to think about. Thank you for sharing your music. Stay safe and healthy.” – Dixie Rae

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